Your beach days aren't over

Your beach days aren't over

Have you ever thought that your beach days are over? Ever wish you could go for a splash, showing off your fabulous legs but without baring all? Well Es Una has designed the perfect solution to achieve just that. Our A-Line Rashie Dress is perfect – and it’s no wonder it is our best seller!

UK model, @rachelperu, wears her A-Line Rashie dress with a pair of cute navy espadrilles and finds it perfect for when “it’s a bit too cold to face the river in just [her] swimwear”. The lycra we use is a little thicker than the usual swimwear fabric, excellent for fighting against sun damage, but also makes for a perfect shield against those cooler summer afternoons later in the season. The UPF 50+ material and ¾ sleeves provide sun protection and heavily reduces the ultraviolet radiation from the sun accessing your skin. Not to mention the fabric dries far quicker and is five times more chlorine resistant then other swimwear, which means the quality fabric is less likely to sag overtime - which we all know isn’t a good look.

You can easily slip your Es Una A Line Rashie Dress on over your bathers and will find the split neck and décolletage hook allows you to relax your look. It’s highly practical pockets – you heard me pockets! A feature which often seems to be overlooked these days in women’s fashion and swim dress choices. It’s ideal to slip your phone into or maybe if you’re browsing the shoreline collecting shells.

Our A Line is often referred to as a ‘classic design’, so it can be paired with a versatile range of footwear. Whether that be thongs or sandals to the beach, espadrilles like @rachelperu1, casual sneakers for the road trip, or even a bright set of wedges for resort evenings. You’re able to dress it up or down as much as you please.

The dress itself is created in four magnificent colours. Ranging from an exotic blue protea, to a chic classic look of either black and popsicle orange, nautical navy and flamingo pink or nautical navy and seafoam aqua. All of which define the term fashion statement and will spice up your summer spirit!

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch that sarong and treat yourself to Es Una’s A-Line Rashie dress. Or choose another swim dress or modest swimsuit option. Your beach days are definitely not over. It’s a ‘must have’ for Summer.


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