Es Una - she is beach ready beautiful
  • She is confidence and style

  • She is sun smart and protected

    Beach, cruise and resort wear

  • She is Australian born and bred

  • She is bright and beautiful

    NEW limited edition print

Why choose Es Una

The Es Una collection of classic swimwear and accessories gives you enduring style on the beach. 

Worn in and out of the water over bathers, our classic designs complement your figure, protect your skin, and give you the confidence to take on Summer.

Made in Australia from high quality UPF50+ fabric, Es Una swimwear is created using 100% regenerated fibres. Our garments are luxurious to the touch, breathable in the heat, and very quick to dry. Modestly designed, Es Una swimwear won’t lose its shape, and it won’t hug your body in ways you don’t want it to.

It’s time to take your place in the sun, it’s time to discover Es Una.

Browse our range and select a style that is right for you. 

Are you ready to take on Summer?

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