You shoulders will thank you

You shoulders will thank you

You’re out on the beach. Gentle waves crash before you, the hot sand beneath your feet feels like a soft wheat bag, the seagulls linger in hopes of one of your salty chips, and serenity fills the air sending a rush of warmth through your body. However, with bare shoulders and little shade, you begin to feel your skin crisp and too much sun becomes unpleasant. As much as you wish this moment could last forever, you decide your fun in the sun must come to an end.

Does this sound somewhat familiar?

Well, if only you knew about Es Una’s Summer Snood!

To be worn in many different ways, our versatile snood can be worn…

…around your neck and shoulders

…as a dress over bathers

…around your waist

…as a shrug

…to protect a breastfeeding baby from the sun

Not only is our Summer Snood perfect for when the sun becomes too much - whether that be at the beach or by the pool - but for those who prefer to cover up, it can discreetly cover any areas you feel less confident showing off. So, you can conquer your body confidence as well as being sun smart!

Your Es Una Summer Snood can be paired with your bathers or looks fabulous over Es Una’s Racer Back rashie dress. You will also find much practicality in its ability to be stashed away for when you’re on the move or out enjoying summer activities!  The fabric has been tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, with a result of a UPF50+ rating, meaning it is strong enough to reduce ultraviolet radiation from the suns beaming rays.

This fabulous accessory comes in five colours - nautical navy with white stripes, flamingo pink, seafoam aqua, black and white stripe and popsicle orange. All of which will add an extra pop of colour or pattern to your bright summer’s day!

So, rather than wrapping up your Summer’s day early, instead wrap yourself up in Es Una’s must have Summer Snood and spend every second contently indulging in that Summer moment! Choose a swim dress or modest swimsuit option that's right for you.


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