About us

We're here for your skin, your scars, your style and your confidence

Many women struggle to find appropriate beachwear, especially as bathers or cossies are undesirable or may not be an option for some. At Es Una, we've found that there are many reasons why women are seeking alternative beachwear. Some women have had cancer treatment that has left them with sun sensitivity. Some women have had surgery that has left them with scaring. Some women have pale skin that needs more coverage in the sun. Some women have skin or body issues that they need, or would prefer, to cover.


Es Una's range has been designed with this in mind. We have tops, pants and dresses that are all made from UPF50+ fabric, enabling you - whatever reason or motivation - to find a solution for the beach. And, not only that, our garments can get wet and are quick to dry.


We are also very proud that our range is 100% designed and made in Australia. We use a fabric that’s thicker than ordinary swimwear fabric and luxurious to touch. It holds its shape for longer and is quick to dry. It’s also made from 100% recycled fibres, so we have the environment in mind too.


The Es Una collection is shipped worldwide, with free shipping offered within Australia on orders over $100 and internationally for orders over $375.


Our namesake

Es Una is named after our founder's grandmother, Una. The English translation of 'es una' is ‘she is’ which introduces a sense of readiness and enablement to our brand. 'She is' enables us to define ourselves, which is what Una did.

Una was a bright, intelligent, beautiful woman who loved life and lived well. Never leaving home without a splash of pink lipstick, Una was the first to try anything new. And she did so with gusto and enjoyment.

A progressive and playful optimist, Una’s legacy lives on as part of her granddaughter’s inspired creation.