Step out from the shadows

Step out from the shadows

We all tend to underestimate the harsh effects the sun can have, often over enjoying its benefits and staying out for far too long. For those with extra sensitive skin (or those of us living in climates like Australia) the sun’s harsh effects are prominent, and it becomes rather difficult to relish Summer days for too long before dreary winter takes its place.

Es Una’s collection is designed to help women get back outside and into the sun – without the damage. There are many reasons to protect yourself, whether you are fair, have a skin sensitivity condition or want to combat early signs of aging.

Our of our happy customers called us to tell her story and the liberation she felt when wearing Es Una. As a cancer survivor, her chemotherapy treatment meant that she could no spend too much time in the sun and needed to take extra precautions during Summer. But when her grandchildren came to visit, she missed the outdoors more than ever. You see, she had to stay indoors while grandpa took them to the beach.

Dr Mary Brown from the Wilmot Cancer Institute says that “chemo and the sun don’t mix”, as even within a ten-minute time frame without sun protection, can critically lead to irritated skin. As a result, it can cause blistering and swelling. Horrifying and painful!

Similarly, exposure to the sun after radiotherapy causes the same effect, with Very Well Health telling us that these can be permanent side effects. Sun burnt areas that have also been targeted with radiation, means the treatment can often be delayed until the skin is fully healed. Therefore, Very well Health advises that it is best to avoid direct exposure as best as you can.  

Avoiding direct exposure isn’t an easy task, especially when there’s cocktail with your name on it by the pool! But that’s where Es Una provides the light at the end of that very shady tunnel! As when this lady purchased her A Line Rashie Dress, it finally allowed to her to step out of the shadows and onto the beach with her grandchildren.

Our A Line Rashie Dress is made from UPF50+ fabric. As well as giving you sun protection, you’ll also step out in style! It's a great modest swimsuit option.

So now it’s your turn to enjoy summer! Let Es Una provide you with the solution and go and get that cocktail - we both know it’s not going to drink itself!


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