Women's rashie dresses

Women's rashie dresses

The perfect combination of style and functionality for your swimwear needs - more coverage than a swim dress too.

If you're a woman who loves spending time in the water but is tired of traditional swimsuits, then a women's rashie dress might just be what you're looking for. This type of swimwear combines the comfort and coverage of a rashie with the style and versatility of a dress, making it the ideal choice for water sports and activities.

A swim dress, also known as a swimsuit dress or a dress for swimming, is essentially a rashie that has been extended into a dress. The dress typically features a longer length than a traditional rashie, covering the hips and thighs for added protection from the sun and other environmental elements. In Es Una's collection of rashie dresses, we have both long and short sleeved variants. You can choose to have extra coverage of your arms and shoulders, to protect your skin, or shorter sleeves that still cover your shoulders.


The other benefit is the extra length. No more worrying about bending over at the beach! That little extra cover is the modesty you may need for a beach walk with confidence.

Find your style amongst our UPF50+ fabric modest swimwear for women that covers up and protects your skin in our collection. Women's modest swimwear, women's swim dresses and rashie dresses.

In this picture, our model wears a Cover Up Rashie Dress in teal. It is longer at the back, for modest swimwear, and inset side panels that provide a slimline look. You can find our Cover Up Rashie Dress here.



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