Smart water safety on holidays

Smart water safety on holidays

Even though beach huts and beachside villas look idyllic, remember to take smart water and sun safety precautions wherever you go on a beach or water based holiday.

  1. Strong currents: Some beaches and inlets have strong currents, especially near reef channels or narrow passages. These currents can be dangerous, so it's important to check with local authorities or lifeguards before swimming.
  2. Marine creatures: Waters can be home to a variety of marine creatures. In Vanuatu they have jellyfish, sea snakes, and sharks. While the risk of encountering these creatures is relatively low, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and avoid swimming in areas where these animals are known to congregate.
  3. Coral and rocks: The ocean floor around can be rocky or covered in coral, which can be sharp and cause injuries. Wear appropriate footwear or swim fins to protect your feet and avoid walking on or touching the coral.
  4. Sun exposure: The sun can be very strong in many holiday locations, so it's important to protect your skin with a high SPF sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing like you'll find in our range of rashies.

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