Versatility: the biggest benefit of a rashie dress

Versatility: the biggest benefit of a rashie dress

One of the biggest benefits of a rashie dress (or swim dress) is its versatility. With its fashionable design and comfortable fit, a rashie dress can be worn both in and out of the water. Whether you're heading to the beach or lounging poolside, a rashie dress or swim dress (we'll use the term interchangeably here) is the perfect choice for women who want to feel confident and stylish while enjoying their time in the sun, beach, river, other words, a summer, water environment!

If you're located in Australia, then you're in luck because swim dress Australia is a popular trend and you'll find plenty of options to choose from. If you're not located in Australia, the luck is with you too, as Es Una's range ships worldwide. We offer ladies rashies in various designs, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect swim dress to suit your individual style and needs.

When shopping for a women's rashie dress, it's important to choose a high-quality garment that offers excellent sun protection and durability. Look for swim dresses that are made from quality materials that can withstand the harsh elements of the sun, saltwater, and chlorine. That's why we've chosen an Italian fabric, with chlorine resistant properties and UPF50+ sun protection.

Additionally, be sure to choose a rashie dress that is the right fit for your body type and offers maximum comfort and flexibility for all your water activities. You'll find that we've thoughtfully curated a range to complement different body shapes

For the perfect combination of style and functionality for your swimwear needs, take a look at the women's rashie dresses in our collection. Whether you are seeking the ultimate sun protection and coverage, a fashionable design that can be worn both in and out of the water, just a boost of confidence, we have something for you. Whether you're heading to the beach or lounging by the pool, a swim dress is an excellent choice for any water activity. So, go ahead and try a ladies rashie dress today, and discover the perfect addition to your swimwear collection. 

Our model wears Es Una's A-Line Rashie Dress in navy. It has a highlight trim in flamingo pink, a curved hemline and pockets.


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