Stunning, but casual. Meet Suzie - wearing Es Una's new Crossover Top.

Stunning, but casual. Meet Suzie - wearing Es Una's new Crossover Top.

When @sooziesstyle sent us a photo of herself wearing our Es Una Crossover Top, we just melted. She looked stunning, but casual – casual, but with a hint of elegance.

“At the crack of dawn this morning to get stuff done so grabbed this gorgeous wrap top @esunainspired it’s actually a beach coverup, as you can see works beautifully for everyday wear with denim, gotta love versatile clothing,” says Suzie.

We couldn’t agree more.

It’s time to spice up your summer protection, whether you’re on the beach or not. Our fabulous Crossover Top is extremely versatile, meaning you’ll never be bound to just one outfit. Whether you wear it over bathers, coupled with a cute denim skirt like fashion blogger @sooziesstyle for a more casual look, with a pair of Es Una’s Beach Pants or match the set with some Swim Shorts, our Crossover Top won’t let you down!

The chic sash threads through the side, enabling you to wrap it around your body into a casual knot like Suzie, a firmer knot like Helen and Elise or a sophisticated bow. It comes in three colour options, so you can select one to reflect your personal style. Whether you wish to strut a sleek modern look with a mix of black, platinum and white; unleash your inner vibrant flair with protea, flamingo and crystal; or showcase your earthy earnest side with navy, rugiada green and coffee cream. These divine three looks ensure there is a colour scheme to suit all.

At the same time as being incredibly on trend, the long sleeves are designed for maximum sun protection and wide cuffs employ extra comfort. The UPF50+ fabric means it strictly shields sunburn and sun damage off one’s skin, so it’s perfect for those who need to cover up their torso and arms yet don’t want to cramp their style! It will also allow you to maintain your modesty as the thick lycra reduces the chances of the garment clinging to places you’d rather keep discrete, which can usually be a very difficult task when purchasing swimwear.  

This season, our Crossover Top comes in two sizes, Small or Large.

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