Don’t compromise your Summer

Don’t compromise your Summer

There are many known and unknown conditions that are relentless when it comes to spoiling summer vibes. Those divine walks on the beach, soaks in the ocean, waterslide thrills and wine-o’clock afternoons by the pool should be a time of the year for everyone to relish. However, some conditions make enjoying Summer particularly difficult. Like Lupus.

When Es Una first launched our range, we did so to support women get back to the beach and into the water. Our motivation was to provide women confidence, but we had wrongly assumed that this would all be to do with how we (women) perceived our bodies. Since sales began, however, we have heard so many stories from so many different women that have told us that our range means so much more to them. While we are not experts (at all) in any of the conditions associated with skin or sun sensitivity, our customers have told us that Es Una means that they don’t have to compromise their Summers as they used to. With Es Una, they can get back to the beach and into the water, so we thought we share a little about one of the conditions we’ve heard of. Please share this article with other women you know who may benefit form hearing our stories.

We deferred to Healthline to tell us a little more about Lupus; a chronic condition caused by the immune system attacking healthy tissue. It causes an inflammation response and, for those with Lupus, sun exposure can trigger symptoms. The National Resource Centre on Lupus held a study and observed that two thirds of people with Lupus suffer from an increased level of skin sensitivity towards ultraviolet rays. As a result, 69% of the tested group had experienced worsening skin conditions in response to the sunlight. The Better Health Channel says that this can result in rashes, itching, burning or lesions. Extensive sun exposure, however, can further lead to joint pain, fatigue and even internal organ damage.

Unfortunately, this means somewhere out there, whilst friends and family are splashing in crystal water and squeezing the sand between their toes, a strong, vibrant women is house bound, or shade ridden as she avoids the sun’s rays and its irritable effects. Does this sound like you or someone that you know? 

As you can see from this picture (above), our model is wearing Es Una, head to toe. Her long sleeved Crossover Top and Long Beach Pants are both made of SPF50+, recycled fibres. If she gets too warm, she can simply walk straight into the water, as the fabric is also used for bathers and simply drips dry. For those with sun sensitive skin conditions, Es Una provides stylish options, from tops and bottoms, to Rashie dresses.

Check out our ‘Sun and skin protection range ‘and don’t feel you have to compromise this Summer. Choose a swim dress or modest swimsuit option that's right for you.

Let this be your Summer.


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