Bali bound

Bali bound

We were thrilled when Sam sent us some pics from her Bali holiday. Sporting her Es Una A Line Rashie, she trumped everyone at the resort! Style without compromise, she had the poolside staying power or a superhero, able to withstand the sun, without getting fried, and take a dip too.

Inspired by Sam's influential style? We are!

Be bold and indulge yourself without compromise. Summer is here and there's no time to waste! Shop Es Una now and spoil yourself this Christmas!

If you're wondering what size to get, it depends what look you want. Sam wanted plenty of room. She likes a loose fitting dress, so she went for the XL sized A Line Rashie Dress. This makes her feel comfortable and, we have to admit, she looks just great. When the dress is larger on you, then it will ride up in the water.

If she was after a more fitted look, we would recommend Sam wear a size M or L. The M would fit her snugly, bit wouldn't float around her when swimming. 

Es Una's beach Rashie dresses are made as a looser fitting, to allow for different body types. If you are usually an Australian 8 - 10, try our size XS to S. If you are usually an Australian size 12 - 14, try our size M or L, depending on the fit you're after. If you're 16 - 18, a size L or XL for a looser fit. Our size XL is made for up to an Australian size 22. This would be a firmer fit for that size.


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