We speak with our customers all of the time and we're often surprised to hear what their new Es Una purchase has enabled them to do. Women are buying our range to fill so many gaps in their lives and solve problems both known and unknown.

We know that fashion is a way to express your personality, to be bold and vibrant or demure and subtle, to be seen or unseen, to be influential or dominate a space. We also know that fashion is a tool. It can be used to complement, enhance or hide. We have heard that Es Una has enabled women to reconnect too; to unlearn and embrace.

Here's a few, brief stories about Es Una's customers....

A holiday in Noosa with friends was the impetus behind the purchase of Es Una's Shoulder Shrug Rashie Dress. While our customer liked the sun and wore her bathers by the pool, she was going to a resort and wanted to be able to head to the cafe and bar, without the need to go back to her room and get dressed. She wanted to be able to throw something on that would look stylish while she drank her coffee and could then go straight back to the pool. She wanted to be able to wander the beach, without her shoulders getting a touch too much sun, and then reconnect with friends for a drink on her way back to her room - and that's exactly what she did in Es Una!

A purchase of Es Una's Racer Back Rashie Dress and Swim Shorts was made by a young Mum who had given up bathers. She always went to the beach fully clothed. She loved to play in the sand with her kids and build sandcastles, but only ever brushed herself off, while they raced into the water. She was tall and slim, but wanted to cover her hips and thighs. She found Es Una's range to be clever and inclusive, while enabling her to reconnect with her family, where she had blocked before.

Is it your turn to unlearn and embrace, to reconnect with something that you'd told yourself you could no longer do?

Check out our Instagram for inspiration and shop our collection to reconnect. Choose a swim dress or modest swimsuit option that's right for you.



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