Paying it forward with every sale

Paying it forward with every sale
Paying it forward with every sale – now you can shop with purpose.
As we have grown Es Una’s brand and the range we offer, we have made conscious choices throughout its development. We are very proud to:
  1. Provide summer and swimwear solutions for a range of women’s needs
  2. Use UPF50+ recycled fabric. Not only is it made from reclaimed ocean plastic waste, but it also protects your skin from sun damage
  3. Use Australian, ethically certified manufacturers to make our rashie range.
The hard work is paying off and, this summer, our sales have enabled us to pay it forward.
We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with social change enterprise, i=Change. Es Una now has a system in place to give to a charity partner every day, with every single sale.
With every purchase you make, we’ll donate $1 to one of three charities – and the exciting thing is that you get to choose which one! Three extremely worthy causes that will make a difference to people and the planet:

Provide life aid - Cancer Chicks

Cancer Chicks - Life giving aid
We chose Cancer Chicks as a charity partner because many of the women who buy Es Una are careful in the sun, whether their goal is to prevent melanoma or protecting their skin (many Es Una customers wear our range following cancer treatment), having UPF50+ fabric is an important solution.
Cancer Chicks’ mission is to support, empower and enhance the lives of young women affected by cancer through resources, services, and community engagement. Our donations will go towards their Navigational Carer service, aimed to alleviate the anxiety and effort of sourcing (non-medical) support while undergoing treatment.

Clean the sea – Seabin Foundation

Seabin Foundation - cleaning our oceans
As our fabric is derived from reclaimed ocean waste, it was a no brainer to choose the Seabin Foundation to support cleaning our oceans.
The Seabin Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of Seabin Project, an environmental start-up tackling the marine plastic pollution issue. A Seabin is similar to a rubbish bin on land, but it has a top ring levelled with the surface of the water and a pump underneath, which makes it also similar to a pool skimmer.
Seabin Foundation consistently engages with communities using citizen science and STEM lessons to drive environmentally positive behavioural change through education.

Back her brilliance – Global Sisters

Global Sisters - supporting financial independence for women
As our Founder, Lyndal, is an over 50, female business owner and Global Sisters is a charity choice that is important to her to support other women become independent financially. Australian women over 50 are the fastest growing group to experience homelessness due to financial vulnerability and lack of affordable housing. Global Sisters supports women who are challenged to participate economically but are deeply motivated to be self-employed, making business possible.
Global Sisters has already supported over thousands of women across Australia. Each of these women represents a new business, a new job created or a new pathway to employment- and a real difference to Australia women's economic participation and security.
Now you can shop with purpose 🥰 at Es Una and select one of these worthy charities for us to donate to, each time you make a purchase.
After you place an order, a pop up will ask you which of these three charities you’d like us to support. Click the one you want and voilà! It’s that easy!
Who will you donate to? Shop now and take your pick!

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