New Sand Free Hoodie coming soon - and it's pink!

New Sand Free Hoodie coming soon - and it's pink!

I just love this photo - taking a sneaky peak from behind our new season 2024 Sand Free Beach Hoodie!

This season's custom print is absolutely fabulous. It's pink! 

You might think that we hopped on the Barbie 'pink' trend and we're very happy to do so. The truth is, we were in the design phase of our new print long before the movie was released - but a happy coincidence none the less. We are delighted to see pink making a comeback in fashion (as if it ever left, is what I say😉)!

If you're a fan of pink, you won't be disappointed with our new range for summer 2024. We are introducing a stunning new print for our Sand Free Beach Hoodie and our A-Line Rashie Dress will be available in the new print too. We're also introducing a fabulous colour that my husband has called Blood Orange Pink. When he said that, I thought "yes, that's exactly what it looks like. It's like a refreshing summer spritzer" and I can't wait to share it. 

If you haven't seen Es Una's range of rashie tops, bottoms and dresses, you won't know much about our approach. Each year we introduce a custom designed print. For the past three years, we have engaged the wonderful Chloe Studd. As an Australian brand, our designs have taken inspiration from the Australian bush.

Our first design was dark green, then soft blue and white, and now we have pink. Here is our evolution of prints:

Es Una custom print evolution

Chloe is a British freelance, textile designer living in Sydney. During the past ten years, she has seen her original designs head up multinational editorial campaigns for the iconic UK clothing brand, Boden. She has designed best selling prints for Australian retail giants and has created bespoke textile designs for a range of independent labels - like Es Una. Chloe mixes techniques such as hand drawing, collage and digital manipulation to create her unique textile artworks, and is really great to work with.

To create each print, I provide a brief on the look and focus I want to achieve. She returns to me a range of sample designs and we pick one or two and tweak until we are satisfied. I use Italian made fabric for our rashie dresses, rash tops and beach pants, that I have printed here in Australia.

Our new range for summer 2024 will be released in October 2023. We do short run manufacturing, so you need to be quick when we release. You are sure to find something you love, so sign up to our mailing list and we'll let you know when our swimwear all arrives from our manufacturer in Melbourne. Our Sand Free beach Hoodies are already available, but only to our VIP customers. If you'd like to purchase one before the public release, then sign up to our list and send me an email and I'll give you the link.

 All the best, Lyndal


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