Overcoming body image issues, and embracing summer

Overcoming body image issues, and embracing summer

Our Founder, Lyndal Sterenberg, was interviewed on the Life After Menopause podcast, with Karen O'Connor. They talk about how the concept of an 'ideal beach body' shapes our swimwear choices and experiences, and even prevents us from continuing to 'experience' as we age.

Lyndal believes that fashion can be used as a tool to build confidence. After all, Es Una's namesake - Una - always popped a whip of colour across her lips to give her confidence as she embraced the day! So, just as we use mascara to highlight our eyes, or blusher and contour, we can use fashion as a tool to bring joy back to our summer beachgoing days again. 

"Swimwear that takes away the anxiety many women feel about their bodies allows them to enjoy summer activities without self-consciousness," says Lyndal.

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • Why women should embrace their bodies and share their stories.
  • How social media can have a negative impact on body image
  • How to build confidence and overcoming your inner critic
  • The link between courage and confidence
  • Lyndal’s challenges and successes encountered in establishing Es Una.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Tips to Help You Overcome Body Image Issues - Life After Menopause

To view the range Lyndal created to provide women with more choice in their swimwear selection, check out our range of Rashie Dresses, Rashie Tops and Rashie Bottoms. All made from UPF50+ fabric, they're a great alternative to baring all, providing modest beachwear. Worn over bathers, you can combat swimwear anxiety and feel confident on the beach!


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