Beach ready in Bali

Beach ready in Bali

When Tricia moved to Bali, she needed an everyday solution to protect her sensitive skin from the sun but also wanted to be able to wander around and take a dip – and look good all the time! Not much to ask 😉.

Tricia is a Women’s Empowerment Coach and holds retreats in Bali and Australia. She’s the kind of dynamic, yet empathetic and supportive, woman who makes you feel that you can do more than simply cope with life, but thrive; because you deserve to. The names of her sessions truly inspire; Healing, Honing and Honouring. Her retreats do the same; Radiant & ready, Reclaimed & radiant and Honoured Workshop. Just reading the words she has used to describe her craft make us feel a warmth and openness to embrace our sacred femininity.

That’s why we were so pleased to see her earing Es Una. It ticked all the boxes and she looks radiant!

Tricia is wearing a size S in Es Una. You can see the range of colours for our A Line Rashie here. She has selected black with an orange trim, just to pick up some of the colour of her tropical environment.

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