Can you wear Es Una swimming?

Can you wear Es Una swimming?

We have been asked this question by a few customers, so let us tell you the answer.

The answer is "Yes" - but it depends what type of swimming you mean.

As the name suggests, our Swim Shorts are definitely for swimming, but what about our Rashie Dresses?

Es Una garments are all made from the same fabric that is used to make bathers, so it can certainly get wet. If you want to run in and out of the waves, stand in the water and play around, then that's fine too. What you do need to be careful of is going in deeper water.

As Es Una's garments are designed to skim your body or flow over it, they do not hug your body like a traditional rashie. This means that it will float up in the water and that's not appropriate for swimming laps or swimming in deep water.

Our customers have worn their Es Una Rashie Dresses on water slides, white water rafting, paddling canoes and kayaks, playing in the waves, taking a dip in the pool - so there are plenty of activities where you can get wet, have fun, join in and cool off. Choose a swim dress or modest swimsuit option that's right for you from our range. 

It's Es Una's founder, Lyndal - Here is me in Vietnam last July. It was very hot, around 42C. I wore my bather top, Es Una Swim Shorts and my Summer Snood around the pool and in it. I also dipped my Snood in to cool myself off, as I relaxed by the pool.


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