Spotted in Nice last Summer

Spotted in Nice last Summer

When Georgie travelled Europe last Summer, she wanted elegance AND practicality. You see, Georgie has sensitive skin and burns to a crisp in (what seems like) seconds. Oh, those beautiful beaches she would miss out walking along. Oh, the touch of the Mediterranean lapping at your toes. Oh, she had to find an answer to her style and sun protection needs.

You may have already guessed it – the answer to the style and elegance she dreamed of in Nice was found right here in Australia at Es Una.

Georgie said that her Es Una beach dress was the best thing she brought on her trip to Nice, France.

"I really love this dress, especially with my very fair skin type - I was able to sit in the sun safely and saved me one day when I was out for 7 hours accidentally!"

Georgie is wearing a size L in Es Una. Click to see the range of colours for our Shoulder Shrug Rashie Dress. She has selected navy, with a flamingo pink trim. The really great thing is that you can style the cowl neckline to show the pink underside, or keep it nautical, showing the stripes.

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