Thank you and merry Christmas

Thank you and merry Christmas

As an extraordinary year draws to an end, we are filled with gratitude.

Thank you to our wonderful Es Una community for your support throughout 2020. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the women who purchase our swimwear and the many varying stories behind why she is looking for an alternative to the traditional swimsuit.

Here for your skin, your scars, your curves and your body confidence, Es Una’s mission remains the same - to create stylish, modest, comfortable and sun smart swimwear that liberates women of all shapes and sizes, giving them the confidence to step back onto the beach in their bathers.

Your support through online and market purchases, visiting us at pop up events and engaging with us on social media has allowed us to continue liberating women around Australia and the world. For that we cannot thank you enough.

On that note… we are SO excited to announce the release of a brand-new style for next season! Building on from a popular product in our 2020 range, we are confident you will love this new design!

Can you guess what it is?

We also look forward to bringing you many more stories from women all over the globe who, with Es Una’s help, regained the confidence to once again enjoy time spent by the water.

We wish you all a safe and merry Christmas and / or happy holidays. Our thoughts are with those who are unable to be with families and loved ones today. May your day be filled with peace, happiness, love and body confidence wherever you may be.

Warm regards,



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