Racer Back Rashie Dress - Tania's review

Racer Back Rashie Dress - Tania's review

When a customer’s review totally nails your company’s whole ethos, you have to share it! Thanks Tania! Here she is with her daughter, who struck a creative pose for this photo ;).

"I totally love my Racer Back Rashie Dress! It's so beautiful and versatile... I wear it to the beach, the pool, to the fish and chip shop to pick up dinner, or a casual restaurant by the beach. I also LOVE the beautiful Protea design material that is a special edition. It's super easy to wash and so light and easy to pack when travelling”. 

Es Una’s goal has always been to create comfortable and stylish swimwear that liberates women of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

We have found that there are many reasons why women are seeking alternative beachwear, be it due to modesty, skin conditions, cancer treatment or simply body image issues that they would prefer to cover up. Whatever the reason, our range of swim dresses, swim tops and swim bottoms has been designed with this in mind!

With Es Una, you will never again dread those pool party invites, river trips, a beach day with your family, or even popping into the shops or café on the way home from the beach or pool!

We have tops, pants and dresses, all made from a UPF50+ fabric that is extremely high quality, comfortable and quick to dry.

Tania’s preferred style, our Racer Back Rashie Dress, is particularly great for those who still want the option to get a little sun on their arms and shoulders. Worn over bathers, it’s free flowing skirt provides ultimate comfort and is great for picnic styled settings or running around after your little ones! We have both pattern and plain fabrics available to suit your taste.

When you’ve had enough sun, the Racer Back style is great paired with our Summer Snood

You won't regret the decision to get one of these great summer 'must haves'! 


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