Have you heard of Beach Pants?

Have you heard of Beach Pants?

There are many reasons why a woman may choose to cover her legs while at the beach or pool; sun protection, skin conditions, body insecurities, cultural or religious practices, for ease when running around after children, or purely because she prefers a little modesty are just a few examples.

Just because a woman enjoys going to the beach or pool, doesn’t mean that she should feel pressure to have her bare body on display. In fact, as we become more aware of the sun’s damaging effects, we should all be looking for swimwear options that offer a little more coverage.

Thankfully at Es Una, we have already thought of a solution!

Our innovative Beach Pants are great to wear both in and out of the water. Made from high quality, thick Lycra, these pants will retain their shape when wet, while being quick to dry and offering UPF 50+ sun protection.

With either a black or navy design to choose from, our Beach Pants have a gorgeous strip detailing along their wide waistband, giving them a classy, nautical feel. The waistband has been designed with more than just style in mind; it also provides comfort as it will help support your stomach and keep the pants in place above your hips. 

For those who are a little daring, or those who prefer even more coverage, we also have a Beach Pant option with a wrap skirt across the front. This is a great option as a modest swimsuit for those who prefer the look of skirts but want the convenience of pants.

Our Beach Pants look great over bikinis or a one piece, or even paired with our Crossover Top for full body coverage (not to mention something to prevent chafe!). Wear these pants long or scrunch them up at the bottom for a casual look with sneakers or sandals for when it comes time to grab some food.

Don’t be caught out this summer without your Beach Pants… they are a serious game changer!

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