Looking better is feeling better - the key tool we use for beach confidence

Looking better is feeling better - the key tool we use for beach confidence

Fashion is a tool of self expression, of practicality, of necessity, of style...but most importantly, when we love an outfit or any piece of clothing that we are wearing, we FEEL better. The link between fashion and feelings is very important to us at Es Una. In fact, that's where we began. 

Es Una began as an idea of supporting women to feel confident at the beach. Our founder had spent her whole life feeling self conscious in bathers each Summer. It made her feel uncomfortable, thinking that all eyes on the beach were looking at her, judging her. Wearing bathers made her feel exposed and uncomfortable. 

She's not alone in feeling this way. Many of Es Una's customers tell us that they had stopped going to the beach for these very reasons. Lyndal didn't want to stop going to the beach. She wanted a solution.

She had a problem...she loved the beach and wanted to play with her kids, have fun and swim in the water and catch waves. There was a disconnect between bathers, traditional skin tight rashies and self confidence that needed to be connected and fashion was the key.

Looking better is feeling better. We can use fashion as a tool to do that. This spurred Lyndal on to learn more about fashion and find some styles and techniques to give her beach confidence.

That's why Es Una's range has been designed with different body types in mind, with different personal shapes, sizes and perspectives. If you find the thought of baring your upper arms literally unbearable, Es Una has the answer. If you hate the way your thighs rub together and get gritty with sand, Es Una has the answer. If you want a modest swimsuit, take a look at our range. No need to stop going to the beach or pool, let's use fashion as a way to liberate us to let us do the things we love.

The key tool we use for beach confidence is fashion.

If you have ideas of styles that would help you to feel less vulnerable and more confident next Summer, let us know. We're always seeking new designs ideas to grow Es Una's next range. A new style swim dress, a different rash vest...let us know.

Here's a pic provide to us by Sequins and Sand and their Cossie Confidence crew. Look at their smiles! Es Una has given them style for the beach and look at the confidence that we can bring!

Cossie Confidence crew from Sequins and Sand are wearing Es Una

Image courtesy of Sequins and Sand.


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