Es Una joins #MelanomaMarch campaign

Es Una joins #MelanomaMarch campaign

A couple of years ago, I asked a friend for feedback on my rashies. She told me that her husband had had melanoma and now her whole family wear UV protective clothing at the beach.

He’s fine now but it sure gave them all a scare.

Many people think that melanoma is a disease affecting older people but it can attack across the generations. It is the most common cancer affecting 20 – 39 year olds in Australia. Not only that, but Australia holds the world title for the highest number of melanoma cases each year.

At Es Una, we have ambition to change this.

This month is Melanoma March, the largest fundraising and awareness campaign run by Melanoma Institute Australia. Es Una is joining the campaign to 'take steps' to beat melanoma.

Here are the steps we’re taking:

Step 1 : We’ll be donating $10 from every rashie dress sold – so your purchase will help others. Our rashies are made from UPF50+ fabric, so you’ll be helping others while helping yourself, each time you wear it.

Step 2 :  We have set up a fundraising page and already contributed to the cause. Just click this link to donate.

Step 3 : We are working with a host of influencers to spread the word and raise awareness. Follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for their posts.

Step 4 : We will be posting about melanoma all month to highlight the signs and raise awareness about sun safety

Step 5 : We'll be marching in the Adelaide March for Melanoma, wearing a sun smart Es Una Rashie design. We’d love you to join our team!

Help us to raise awareness and funds for important research into a cure by buying a swim dress, liking, commenting and sharing our posts or making a donation.

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…. and we’ll raise funds to find a cure for melanoma together.


PS. By the way, my friend recommends long sleeves for all on the beach! Here's two of our options to check out - Zip Front Rashie Dress and Cover Up Rashie Dress.


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