Find your own Snood style

Find your own Snood style

With Summer just around the corner we thought it was time to re-introduce our must have Es Una piece… the Summer Snood!

This versatile little beauty will be your go-to accessory all year round, with its easy to wear design and adaptable style.

Let us show you some of our favourite ways to style the Summer Snood…


Conquer your body confidence this year by using your Summer Snood to discreetly cover the areas of your body that you feel less confident showing off.

Paired with your favourite Es Una Rashie Dress, our Snood can be used to effortlessly cover your shoulders and upper arms. Simply thread your arms through it and wear it as a shrug, thrown loosely over your shoulders or even around your neck in a halter style. This is also a great extra layer if you’re feeling a bit cool.

For those who are still rocking a bikini, but occasionally get the urge to cover their hips and upper thighs, the Summer Snood can easily be tied up as a dress or wrapped around your waist like a sarong style skirt. Great for walking through crowds at the beach or quickly ducking into the shops.


For something a little unique and extremely stylish, wear our Summer Snood as a bikini top! An amazing solution for those with a bigger bust, the criss-cross effect creates the perfect resort swimwear look. For a more modest look, pair your Snood bikini top with Es Una’s Beach Pants or Swim Shorts.


The best part about our Summer Snood is that it’s stylish and versatile enough to be worn outside of the beach or pool. Keep this item handy all year round to protect your exposed shoulders or legs from the sun, for modesty while breast feeding, or even to hang up as a shade over your sleeping child (did we mention the fabric has a UPF rating of 50+?).

So there you have it, a Snood style for every occasion! Don’t forget to tag @esunainspired on Facebook or Instagram to show us how you’ve styled your Summer Snood! Alternatively, choose a swim dress or modest swimsuit option that's right for you.

Want to find a style that's right for your summer getaway? Find your style amongst our UPF50+ fabric modest swimwear for women that covers up and protects your skin in our collection. Women's modest swimwear, women's rash vests, swim dresses, swim shorts and beach pants.


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