5 reasons why we love our A-Line Rashie Dress

5 reasons why we love our A-Line Rashie Dress

Our classic signature swim dress, the A-Line Rashie Dress, gives you just the right coverage for a day by the water. Here are our top 5 reasons why we love our A-Line style - worn by 3 top ladies from Woolamai Beach Surf Life Saving Club!


  1. It has pockets

Pockets are…. well, they’re great. You can put your hands in them, chuck your keys in them when going for a beach walk, hide snacks in them… Need we say more?


  1. It’s stylish and modest enough to be worn in public

Never stress again when you need to pop into the shops on the way home from the beach, or when your child decides they urgently need to go to the bathroom when you’re at the pool, or when you run into friends who want to grab a coffee at the nearby café!


  1. It can be worn to cover OR accentuate your curves

For a loose fit we recommend you purchase your usual size as this dress is designed to be a relaxed fit for your curves. For those of you who want to show off your curves, simply purchase a size down! You will never feel more uplifted than buying something new and going down a size… especially swimwear!


  1. It can be worn in the water

Worn over your bathers, this beauty is made from a Lycra blend which makes it quick to dry and great for wearing in the water or during water sports! As a bonus, it’s thicker fabric less likely to cling and hug your curves in ways you'd wish it rather didn't.


  1. It protects your girls!

Our décolletage is chronically exposed to the sun, as women typically choose lower cut clothing to enhance their bust. We all know the risks of chronic sun exposure – especially around our breasts. Thankfully, the A-Line is designed with a small hook at the top that enables you to reveal your décolletage while in the shade and protect it when you pop out into the sun.


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