European summer holidays

Summertime beach vacations are an exciting way to escape the stressors of everyday life, and the perfect opportunity to show off your stylish wardrobe. But what happens when your side of the world is dark and gloomy?

You switch hemispheres and go on a summer vacation!

A-Line Rashie Dress in navy

We have plenty of ideas of what to wear for an unforgettable European beach getaway. From cute but modest one-pieces to cover-ups, at Es Una you can find the must-haves for a perfect beach holiday on the continent. With the help of our timeless beach and resort wear collection, you’ll look beach-ready while having all eyes on your unrivalled style.

As designer Coco Chanel once said...

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Let's incorporate her thinking into an unforgettable European beach holiday look.

Crossover top in protea - UPF50+ fabric rashie top  Crossover Top in protea and teal Swim Skort

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Amelia wears our Crossover Top in protea print. It's a fresh and vibrant top that has you covered, whether you're sunbathing on a white-sand beach in the south of France, or strolling the cobblestone streets of a Tuscan hill town. Its UPF50+ fabric will protect your skin from burning and keep you looking great.

A-Line Rashie Dress in navy - UPF50+ swim dress
If you’re heading to the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea, you have another dilemma! What to wear sailing? We’ll show you how to feel confident and look amazing in our beach and resort wear collection while making stunning memories to last a lifetime in sun protective rashie dresses (also called swim dresses). Here, our model wears our A-Line Rashie Dress in navy. It's a great option, especially when you're entertaining guests onboard.
A stylish beach vacation wardrobe that is chic and appropriate for your location!
Zip Front Rashie dress in blac - UPF50+ fabric for your swim dress
Whether you’re heading for the beaches of Italy or the seashores of Greece, our beach and resort wear collection is a go-to for planning an Instagram-worthy vacation wardrobe for a European summer beach vacation.
Cover Up Rashie Dress - UPF50+ fabric for modest and sporty swim dresses  Knot Top in teal
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From the best swim dress and swimsuit looks, to swim shirts and swim shorts, you’ll find all the stylish pieces you need to make your vacation outfits the envy of the beach! Get ready to look cool and feel confident in the perfect outfit for your European beach vacation! Cheers.
Zip Front Rashie Dress - UPF50+ fabric swim dress