Women’s health

Women’s health

At Es Una, we’re passionate about women’s health and wellbeing so, when we came across Jean Hailes’ Women’s Health Week, we wanted to get involved. So, we’re supporting the event by raising awareness and sharing their goals with you.

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health is a not-for-profit leader in women’s health education. They focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of women by raising awareness and providing a whole range of information and fact sheets for women and women’s health practitioners. Their aim is to:

“Inspire confidence to create a healthier future for all women”.

The organisation is inspired by the legacy of Dr Jean Hailes, established by her colleagues following her passing in 1988. She was a GP who established the first women’s health clinic in Australia, one of the first menopausal clinics internationally. An advocate for women’s health issues, she worked to undertake research and raise awareness of women’s health issues. She believed in women having a choice, knowing the facts about their body, providing practical, ‘no nonsense’ advice about midlife and menopause in her book, published in 1980, called ‘The Middle Years’.

Women’s Health Week is an annual event which encourages women, communities and organisations to focus on all aspects of women’s health

Sign up at https://www.womenshealthweek.com.au/ and join our very own VIP Club for member benefits to save your skin and conquer body confidence on the beach this Summer. Choose a swim dress or modest swimsuit option to suit your style.



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