We're known as 'chic' at Sequins and Sand

We're known as 'chic' at Sequins and Sand

When Sequins and Sand published their latest photo shoot, Es Una's new Summer range featured prominently. In this blog, we introduce our Zip Front Ruffle Rashie Dress, worn by Cossie Confidence crew member, Amanda.

On Sequins and Sand's facebook post, they describe our Zip Front Ruffle Rashie Dress as 'chic'. As you can see in Amanda's picture below in our swim dress - it absolutely is! The great thing about this rashie dress is that it is adjustable. It has a zip up to a higher neckline that you can wear open for coolness, or completely zipped up for sun protection. It protects your décolletage, that neckline / chest area that seems to always see too much sun!

Made with UPF50+, recycled lycra infused fabric, this swim dress is stretchy - without being too stretchy to loose it's shape. This characteristic makes it flexible to join in water sports and perfect for walking the beach and paddling on a board. The other feature that makes it great for water sports are the draw string sides. The draw string enables you to lengthen or shorten the dress all the way up to a top length and almost down to your knee, depending on your height. This feature makes it great for all sorts of reasons; you can hitch it up when paddling in the water, if you're sitting down, you can lengthen it and pull down further over your legs, you can shorten it to keep cooler or lengthen when you set off for a walk. Of course, you can get all of our rashies wet and they dry off quite quickly.

In the pictures below, you'll see Amanda is wearing our XL (extra large). It is a looser fit on her AU18 frame. She has a C cup bust and is a rectangle shape. The ruffle sleeves are loose and cool, but still provide sun protection for her shoulders. 

Es Una Zip Front Ruffle Rashie Dress

Es Una Zip Front Ruffle Rashie Dress side view

Es Una Zip Front Ruffle Rashie Dress back view

Thank you for these images, courtesy of Sequins and Sand, and thank you to Amanda too. A modest swimsuit option with a feminine touch. You look great! Visit Sequins and Sand to check out a great range of swim, sun and beach wear - including our range here at Es Una. You can also download the Summer Confidence Society ebook to learn about the right fit swimwear for your body shape.



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