Love your skin this Valentine’s Day!

Love your skin this Valentine’s Day!

There’s plenty of reasons to love and protect your skin this Valentine’s Day!

Like any relationship, the more time and effort we spend nurturing and protecting our skin, the healthier it will be. The number one rule to achieving healthy skin is to cover up from the sun. It is the single most effective way to reduce sunburn, support healing and prevent ageing.

So why not cover up in our stylish and luxurious swimwear and coverings, made in Australia? Make this Valentine’s Day about self-love and self-care and think about how you're protecting and loving your skin in a swim dress or stylish swimsuit option! 

As our Valentine's gift to you, we're offering 20% off our entire range. Use code SUPPORTSMALL at checkout! Offer available for two days only: 13 to 14 February.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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