Inspired by real women

Inspired by real women

Why does one woman confidently showcase her body on the beach while another may not be comfortable baring so much skin?

At Es Una, we know that it’s because each woman has lived a different life and has a unique relationship with her body. While one woman may use her swimwear to express her personality and call attention, another may want a swimsuit for comfort, another for coverage. One thing we do know for sure is that we all have different reasons to wear different things, but what we all aspire to have is self confidence that ensures we are comfortable enough to wear a garment that enables us to have fun with our family and friends at the beach or poolside.

We realised that many, many brands designed rashies for waif-like and flat-chested figures. But what about the curvaceous women who deserve to have as much fun in the sun who also seek protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation? What about the woman who desperately searches for options that aren’t skin-tight or too revealing?

Why do few brands consider the woman who isn’t exactly keen on parading around in her bathers? How many of these otherwise vibrant and active women have had held back from having fun in the sun and sand with their families and friends because the options for rashies were so limited?

We celebrate the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. We also recognise that while women’s perceived imperfections are often internally personal, they deserve to know how fabulous they are. That’s why real women inspire us at Es Una and why our designs address their concerns while also aim to enhance their assets.

Comfortable coverage

It’s a shame to own a beach house or live so close to the water but never step foot onto the beach with your kids because you’re insecure about your body. We all have that friend who skips fun in the sun and sand because she’s never liked her hips or doesn’t like the way her stomach looks in a form-fitting bather.

The solution is a rashie that provides the coverage where she needs it so she can spend any time on the beach. She no longer has to go to the beach fully-dressed and miss out splashing around in the water with her children.

Flaunt what you love

Think about your two friends who have completely different body types yet have the same concern – neither can find beachwear to cover what they want and reveal what they love.

One is proud to flaunt her perfectly toned arms and accentuate her décolletage while the other prefers to cover hers; she does, however, likes to show off her legs and wants to bare her shoulders.

Some don't want to flaunt anything at all but want a stylish, modest swimsuit option.

When it comes to women and their bodies, what one may consider a flaw, another may secretly be envious of. Regardless of how we feel about our bodies, we all deserve options and rashies we can be comfortable to be seen in. And when we speak about comfort, we mean both physically and emotionally.

Explore our collection and choose a style that will achieve your physical and emotional goals.


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