Dreading going to the theme parks?

Dreading going to the theme parks?

We have the solution!

Holiday parks are meant to be fun but, for some women, they attract a feeling of dread – and it has nothing to do with the parks. The parks are great fun and a wonderful opportunity to experience thrills with your family. The dread is about body confidence.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that have had a theme park holiday, especially the water parks, have you looked around you and noticed anything awry? We have. We’ve noticed that lots of Dads are joining in and there are many Mums standing around, fully dressed, looking after everyone’s bag and towel. An important job, yes, but she is missing out on something special; the excitement that the rest of her family is experiencing.

If you have a young family and your kids have a swimming lesson on a Saturday, you’ll see the same thing – Dads in the pool with the kids and not many Mums in sight.

We have the solution! Our Racer Back Rashie Dress!

Our Racer back is slightly shorter than our other Rashie Dresses, so it more practical for climbing the stairs to the top of the water slide. It’s sleeveless (so watch the sun), giving you more freedom to move, and easy to slip on and off, over your bathers. It flows over your body, covering just enough to give you that holiday confidence you’re after. Wear it with our Swim Shorts and you’ll slide with pride!

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