A bikini like you've never seen before!

A bikini like you've never seen before!

This article was first published on the iconic Australian fashion site, Cocktail Revolution. Cocktail Revolution embraces diversity in fashion and features a range of "genders, body shapes, abilities and ethnicities" in their street style and fashion brands. Es Una was delighted to feature in this article, published on 13 July 2022. You can read the article on their website here, or featured below.

Is this the best swimsuit in Australia?

We get it. Choosing your go-to swimsuit for the season isn’t easy, especially in the middle of winter. The range is limited, stocks are low and only a few sizes are left but you need your new swimsuit for a holiday. You want something that is comfortable, flattering, sun smart and on trend. It also needs to be versatile, for all those planned and unplanned moments that take you from the beach to the boardwalk (or café, or bar!).

Does such a swimsuit in Australia even exist?

We have narrowed down the perfect swim set for those who love fashion, summer activities, the water, sand and a little covering up. It’s a two piece that flatters your middle and protects your shoulders from sunburn. It’s from the sun smart Australian made Es Una range that ticks more boxes than you knew existed.

Here’s why Es Una’s Knot Top and Swim Shorts make the perfect swimsuit combo.

Both the top and shorts are versatile, so you can put together a number of different looks that will see you through all your summer swim occasions.

Each design has been carefully created to compliment the many wonderful and different shapes of women, whether you’re curvy, athletic or anything in between! Along with providing extra sun protection, they don’t cling. Now that’s a first!

They’re quick-drying and that makes them perfect for holiday packing. And if that weren’t enough, they’re made from a high-quality, recycled nylon and lycra blend in loads of different colour choices.

The Knot Top

Es Una Knot TopEs Una Knot Top

Es Una’s Knot Top is a signature piece. It’s the modern version of a rashie top, without the sausage skin effect. Simply tie it in a knot to stop it riding up when you swim.

Worn as a top it’s ultra-flattering, with its boatneck and capped sleeves. Providing excellent sun protection, you can tie it as loosely or tight as you want, depending on the activity or style you are dressing for.

For an entirely different look and a little extra coverage, simply undo the knot, and you have a loose fitting, long line top. Seriously, it’s a game changer at the beach and beyond.

On top of all that, Es Una seriously caters for a wide range of sizes. Their S, M and L in tops is suitable for sizes 8-24!

The Swim Shorts

Es Una Swim ShortsEs Una Swim Shorts

Now for your new bather bottoms.

Es Una’s Swim Shorts are fantastic to wear while swimming and guaranteed to have you reaching for them when other summer activities are called for too! With a wide waste band that makes them super comfortable and helps keep everything in place, their fabric prevents chaffing and ensures they won’t ride up your legs. They’re so versatile that along with swimming, they’re perfect for kayaking, sailing and paddle boarding!

Es Una bottoms sizes range from XS to XXL, equivalent to 8-24.

Es Una Knot TopEs Una Knot Top

We told you!

So, there you have it. The perfect swimwear set for those who love fashion, summer activities, and a little modesty. Wear these two beauties both in and out of the water and you’ll never have enjoyed beach days so much! And if you’re planning to head overseas for the European summer, you’ll be able to receive your new swimsuits in Australia without international delays because they’re made right here!

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Es Una range of UV protective swimwear

Featured Image: Es Una snood modelled by Cocktail Revolution contributor Alexia.



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